Monday, May 30, 2011

1985 FEN Schedule

Mon to Fri

05:05 Harry Newman

06:05 Local Live

07:00 News/Sports/Paul Harvey

07:30 Local Live

09:05 Charlie Tuna

10:05 Don Tracy

11:05 Local Live

12:00 News/Sports/Commentary

13:05 Gene Price

14:05 Larry McKay

15:05 Mary Turner

16:05 Local Live

18:00 News/Sports/Commentary

19:05 Music Network

21:05 Radio Theater

21:30 Jim Pewter

22:05 Wolfman Jack

23:05 Phil Harvey

23:30 Jazz Beat

00:10 East Of Midnight (from FEN Tokyo)

02:05 Roland Bynum

03:05 Charlie Tuna

04:05 Mary Turner

04:30 Jim Pewter


05:05 Swinging Years

06:05 Weekender

07:00 News/Sports/Paul Harvey

07:30 Weekender

09:05 American Country Countdown

12:00 News/Sports

12:30 East Of Eden

13:05 American Top 40

17:05 The Swinging Years

18:05 Golden Days Of Radio

19:05 Off The Record

20:00 Live From Gilley's

21:05 All That Jazz

22:05 The Count Down (Walt Love)

00:05 Sign On/East Of Midnight

02:05 American Top 40


05:05 All That Jazz

06:05 The Golden Days Of Radio

07:05 Weekender

08:30 Focus On The Family

09:05 Amen Corner

10:05 Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir

10:30 Selebration

11:05 Open Door

11:30 Protestant Hour

12:00 News/Sports

12:30 Love On The Rock

13:05 Dick Clark's Rock, Roll & Remember

16:05 Viva

18:00 News/Sports

18:30 FEN Adventure Theater

19:05 Musical

21:05 The Fusion Move

22:05 Prime Cuts

23:05 King Biscuit Flower Hour

AFRTS Ethiopia

Sam Hale was the station manager at the station in Eritrea 1957-58.  He's working on the history of AFRTS Kagnew Station.  This is well researched and a work in progress.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

AFN February 1991

Bernhard in Germany sent this along.  I've presented piecces before.  The first Gulf War would end any day.  The broadcast was from AFN SHAPE.

AFN SHAPE 2/14/91 4 hours

He didn't want to miss hearing the end of the war on AFN so he started a reel in the morning.  It's full of surprises.

Chuck Cecil and the Swinging Years

Friday, May 27, 2011

AFN is off the air ...

May 25, 2011- The American Forces Network Europe (AFNE) is adjusting its radio broadcast signals to help State German officials hosting a huge outdoor multi-concert bash, Hessentag.

German telecommunications officials asked AFN to temporarily turn off the 873 AM transmitter in June because heavy car traffic will be routed by the normally remote AFN radio transmitter on the way to a newly created field parking lot. Workers also need time to set up and take down concert stages, lights and temporary buildings, and they are bringing in cranes to do it. The Hessentag festivities and concerts run June 10-19 in Oberursel, Germany.

"Our German neighbors asked us to temporarily turn off our 873 AM Power

Network transmitter in Central Germany for concerts with Linkin Park, Bryan

Adams, the Scorpions and scores of others," says AFN Europe Commander

Colonel Bill Bigelow, "During that time, we'll broadcast to our American

audience in Wiesbaden on 1143 AM from another location."

While 1143 AM's 1,000-watts of power will reach Americans stationed in

Wiesbaden, the temporary transmitter doesn't have the reach of AFN's

150,000-watt transmitter in Weiskirchen, which reaches American commuters in

Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Hanau and Giessen.

AFN Europe will put 873 AM back on the air July 1st.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pick A Year, the 1950s

The 1950s

1950  1951 1952  1953  1954  1955  1956  1957 1958 1959

Bob Kingsley 1973

For those of us "a certain age" Bob Kingsley WAS the American Country Countdown.  That's why listening to his AFRTS rock show is so fascinating.  It's a style that really bridges the gap.  Take a listen:

Saturday, May 14, 2011

AFN Nurnberg 1984

Time for Mike Kimbrell from "The Tower Of Power"

AFN Nuremberg. Studio im Grand Hotel (1950 - 1956). Studio at the Grand Hotel (1950 - 1956).

Monday, May 9, 2011

AFN Iraq April 2011

This is great, AFN Iraq the morning after Bin Laden was killed.
Here's Adam Prickle

Download here

Who is this guy?

What is he doing?